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Filo Friday! It has been a while, right?

Hello hello hello all my lovelies! You are the best do you know that? Well, you are. Spring is finally springing here and this ridiculous cough/cold that I’ve been struggling with seems to be leaving the building. But, most of all, I have created my very first ever planner video. Yes it’s here and yes, […]

Review Tuesday Collage

Review Tuesday- Madonna Rebel Heart

Hello Hello Hello my fabulous friends! How are all of you this week? I have been away for awhile becoming an old blue haired Granny for the first time. Then I caught the worst cold that I have had in a year. Thankfully, I only catch bad colds once a winter but this one knocked […]

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Q&A Monday- Does anyone Scrapbook any more?

Let us go back in time today. Lets travel back to the 90s. It seems so long ago when I attended my first “Creative Memories” party. That was all it took. One Sunday afternoon with some friends and I was an addict. Head over heels and spending on supplies like a junkie. Admit it, you […]