sea glass Collage

Why is summer so short?

Wouldn’t you like to have summer with you all the time?

Do you love the ocean the way that I do? How about all the soft colors of sea glass?

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve been working on a bunch of new items with sea glass and nautical charms.

Plus, some great glass beaded bracelets

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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Some may find this controversial.

Musician Colbie Caillat is making a statement about being photoshopped. Have you seen her new music video? Here is a link

The video is for a song called “Try”. The artist starts off in full makeup and by the end of the song her face is natural. Her face is lovely and the makeup enhanced her beauty. Other women and girls appear in the video both with and without makeup. It is all quite similar to The Dove® Campaign For Real Beauty which started in 2004. The message of both is that women are all beautiful just the way we are. True.

How could anyone criticize that? We are all beautiful in our own skin and the message from Caillat and Dove® is one to take to heart. There are a couple of points where this writer and both campaigns part ways.

What? You are shrieking. This is a happiness blog. Only positive words spoken here.  That’s why I said this might be a controversial post.

The chorus to the Colbie Caillat goes like this:

You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try
Yooou don’t have to try

The  message being that women and girls don’t need to try so hard to fit in. Okay. Forcing yourself into someone else’s mold is bad. No argument there. But…

We all need to try. We need to at least make an effort. I went back to college later in life. It was a commuter college; meaning there were no dorms and we all had to drive to class.  Young ladies showed up to class in pajamas and slippers. As if they had just rolled out of bed. Perhaps I am old fashioned but those girls were disrespecting their professor and themselves.

Let’s say you went to a theatrical event and the artist(s) came on stage wearing raggedy, unwashed clothes with unkempt hair and no makeup? Wouldn’t you be a bit disappointed? Of course you would. You would also feel disrespected.

Sure, the message may be that they are comfortable in their own skin but would they be any less comfortable with their bodies if they were to shower and put on a T-shirt, jeans and pair of shoes?

Everyone agrees that women often try too hard to look like super skinny models or a celebrity. That can have health consequences. However, it’s important that while we are teaching young girls to love their appearance no matter what, we must also teach them that sometimes you are paying respect to yourself by primping and enhancing your own beauty.

Yes, young girls and women, you don’t have to push yourselves into being something you are not. Yes, we are all beautiful regardless of size and shape. Yes, you need to respect yourself and the situation in which  you find yourself  so please look appropriate.

I’m not saying that the song, the artist or the video are bad in anyway. They are sharing a positive message about loving yourself for who you are. I’m merely suggesting that we take that lesson one step further to teach our young girls self love, self respect and moderation in all things. All things including makeup.

Tell me what you think, even you think I’m wrong.

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Should kids be taught to multi-task?

It’s been awhile since I posted here about raising boys. Probably because it’s been awhile since I have actually been raising them. Those boys of mine are all raised up and doing fine. In spite of all the egregious mistakes I no doubt made along the way.

One thing that I will give myself some credit for is a little trick I found somewhere. (there was no such thing as Pinterest back then so I probably read it in an actual paper magazine or book) This little trick was not called multi-tasking because that word was not yet in use for family life, just big corporations.

My three guys always had stuff to do around the house but we will save that story for some other day. Just like most normal little boys, before the world became all soft edges and kid friendly, they rebelled against cleanliness. They also didn’t really want to stop playing Pogs or Ninja Turtles long enough to do homework.

This is where my secret weapon comes in.

Of course, this only works for school aged kids but it is quite easily adapted at your whim.

Write one set of multiplication tables, or sight words, or what needs to be memorized on a piece of paper and tape it up onto the bathroom mirror.


While the kids brush their teeth they can read what’s been printed there for them. Multitasking. But it’s a secret they are learning something and taking care of cleanliness at the same time. Don’t tell them they are doing something that’s good for them. Let them think it’s fun.


Keep changing it up and give a small reward (not gum) when they have it mastered. I used to tell them to read it three times and that was a full brushing. Of course I gave them gum as a reward because that’s the kind of mother I am.  (joking. I’m joking.)



Product Review:

It may surprise all of you to know that I am a TV and Movie-aholic. Yes, I know that is a made up word but I truly love TV and movies.

When the boys were small we had a small pull o ut couch in their play room and of course a TV. The four of us would pop in a movie, pull out the couch and ‘lounge”. To lounge is what the boys called it.

Back then, it was necessary to go out to a video rental store, choose a movie that you hoped would be good, pay for it and then drive on home to watch it in your VCR.

We all agree, I bet, that watching videos today is a million times easier what with streaming and mail order. But, it is still not that easy to choose which movie you might enjoy. Or what movie is family/kid friendly.

Sure you can search around blogs, online magazines, actual magazines or ask your friends but wouldn’t it be nice if there was a website where you can plug in any topic and it finds a movie for you? How about any actor and all their movies appear? What if the that website had a really nice user interface and was easy to use?

Be careful what you wish for because it’s here: is a new and especially cool website for movie-aholics like myself and possibly like you.


Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 5.37.54 PM

The ease of use and beautiful interface of this site really got me excited.

I’m a Channing Tatum fan. Not gonna lie. No, I’m not a cougar. I like him for two reasons. One, he looks a lot like my youngest boy and two, he is actually an acquaintance of son number one.

In that screenshot you can see I plugged in his name and up pops all of his movies.  Movies with descriptions and color photos that you can click on to get more information.
Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 5.46.12 PM

There’s even links to where you can buy the movie.

One great thing I like about this is you can use the information to and then check to see if your public library has the titles available.

The library was one of my favorite resources back when the boys and I were ‘lounging”.

My middle man just brought up the movie “Some Like it Hot” and how he remembered us watching way back when. He watched it again recently and couldn’t believe how good it was, even today.

Being a movie-aholic Mom I showed them a lot of what I considered classics. Now you can too. Simply search and see what you find.

Do you have any favorite classic movies? What are they?  Favorite actor? Who is it?

Let me know in the comments below. I love reading your comments.

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What in the world is NaBloPoMo?

I believe that I have been a writer since the time I was seated on Daddy’s lap telling a story to him while he wrote my words on a scrap of paper.


As I’ve mentioned probably too many times, I wrote a newspaper column called  The Mother Load when my three boys were younger. Now, writing a blog, even if it is to benefit my Etsy shop, fits me perfectly.

When I found this crazy word NaBloPoMo on one of the many blog networks to which I belong naturally I had to Google it. NaBloPoMo is the acronym of sorts for National Blog Posting Month. It’s all about writing a blog post each day for the month of November. (courtesy Granted, it is July but it seems that we are embarking on this daily adventure early this year.

It’s a great thing for me as there is a blog prompt that we can use if we want or not. Just having a team behind me, regardless of the prompt,makes sitting and writing for two hours while the sun is shining just slightly more acceptable.

Blog divider

So be prepared. My blog planner is chock full and I will be doing my best to meet the challenge of one blog post a day for the month of July.

How do you feel about challenges? Do you fear a challenge? Do you enjoy a challenge? Does it make you feel better knowing that you have a team of others trying to meet the same challenge or do you prefer to simply challenge yourself?

See you all tomorrow.

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Four weeks since the wedding. How was it?

manicured nails holding clutchFour weeks ago I happily attended my middle son’s wedding to a smart, talented and lovely young lady. I and my long fingernails that took six weeks and a lot of support to grow.

Planning a wedding in  New England is a tricky proposition weather-wise.  The day of this wonderful wedding turned out to be one of the finest, clearest, most beautiful days in Boston history.


I’m pretty sure we danced every dance that the extraordinary live band played. The Cambridge Multi Cultural Center was a really nice venue. It was not too big or too small and had a lot of old world style.

There were a few new traditions that I learned about. For example, “The Big Reveal”. This is when the bride, in her gown, has her back turned and her Dad walks into the room. With cameras at the ready he gently touches her on the shoulder, she turns and Daddy sees his little girl for the first time in her wedding dress. Tears are shed by all. Big, gallumphing, sobbing tears. And that was just me. I don’t how anyone else in the room managed.


The necklace my gorgeous daughter-in-law is wearing was placed upon her neck by her Dad and he said it was the first gift he had ever given to her mother. Yup, more tears folks.

The big reveal also applied to the groom himself. For that, the photographer said we could not watch but tricky Mom and Mom in law that we are, we watched from the window high atop the hotel out of a window. He he he…


What little preparation I had to do before the wedding was nothing in comparison to what the wonderful Mother of the Bride (Mobby) had to take care of. Hats off to her.

Are you planning a wedding in the future? Are the plans overwhelming you? What are you using for some traditions to celebrate your special day? Are you having the garter ceremony? Do you have a live band?
What is your wedding song?

Please comment below, I’d love to know what else is new in weddings.

Until next time,

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Product review: Delicious Mustards

Since this blog is pretty new and I am a new blogger ( even though I once had a newspaper column) I have reached out to a variety of networks and venues to add to my readers enjoyment.  Recently, the proprietor of asked me to write a review for some of his delicious mustards. Naturally, I said but of course.

variety of mustards from Deliciousmustards.comLo and behold a short time later a package arrived in the mail replete with a variety of flavor and delicious mustards.

Ya, mustard is a kind of funny thing to review but what’s even funnier is that none of us read German and most of the labels on the mustard are written in German.mustard jar from written in German on label



No problemo. We all dug right in and gave them each a try.

Ham steak before mustard





Ham steak after mustard
Ham steak after mustard.

My youngest son is big mustard fan so as we sat down to dine on some delicious ham steak, I suggested we add some delicious mustard. He was game.






No mild. Nope, not at all.
Not mild. Nope, not at all.


One big mouthful of this and he was cooked. It was then he reminded me that he only and always likes yellow mustard and mostly on his french fries. C’est la vie.


I on the other hand tried them all. And I do have a few favorites.



This one, despite looking a bit like mud had a gentle mustard taste and I am saving it to use as a rub on either a pork roast or yet more ham.






This one, is my favorite. A combination of sweet and hot with chile peppers. It tastes really good on hot- dogs.

Yes, I do indeed eat crappy processed food. Do not judge me.


If you are looking for some really interesting mustards please get on over to and order some. Google will even translate the page for you.

Reviewing products is a lot of fun for me and I really hope it is a lot of fun you as well. Even if you don’t eat mustard.

Until we meet again.

Hugs{{ }}


UPDATE: Actually there is a English version of the shop. Little by little, all mustards available in the German shop are translated into English. It can be found at


This is not a sponsored post. Yes, I received the product free of charge but all opinions are my own