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lake pix on a blue scrapbook page

Q&A Monday- Does anyone Scrapbook any more?

Let us go back in time today. Lets travel back to the 90s. It seems so long ago when I attended my first “Creative Memories” party. That was all it took. One Sunday afternoon with some friends and I was an addict. Head over heels and spending on supplies like a junkie. Admit it, you […]


Free Filo Friday! Money, Money, Money.

Hello hello hello all of my darling friends. As you may already know, Friday is my favorite blog day. Why is Friday my favorite blog day? Because I get to give something special to you all; free! Today, I have for you a budget planning sheet for your planners. Not only do I have the […]


Review Tuesday! Now this is different

Hello hello hello! If it’s Tuesday it must be time for a review! Or, If It’s Tuesday This Must Be Belgium.  Sorry, just kidding. But if you have never seen that movie, it’s pretty funny. That is not what we are reviewing today though my kittens. Nope, today we are reviewing yoga pants. What? I […]