Fall hair trends

Those of you who shop at my Etsy shop know that hair accessories are my favorite thing to create and they are the best sellers.  As I am ramping up production going in to the cooler months I Googled what is up and coming for Fall accessories. There weren’t a lot of articles available but it looks to me like flowers, headbands and flowered headbands are continuing to be on trend everywhere.

In this article from Harpers Bazaar it looks like a lot of updo’s are continuing to show up everywhere.

But, what if you’re like me and don’t want to take the time to pull your hair up into a bun, pin it, and then artfully mess it up?

Or, how about if you went for the Pixie cut and now you want to grow it out?

That’s where my Etsy shop comes in handy.

Blue flower headband w steampunkDSC01717

I’ve got flowers, flowered headbands, headbands and clips in two sizes and a multitude of colors.


There are even a bunch on clearance right this minute!

I think that you should hop right on over to my Etsy shop  and pick up a few hair accessories to perk up that Fall wardrobe.


Be Beautiful.


three bottles of dog shampoo

Product Review and Giveaway: Yorkie Splash and Shine

This is Chloe. Chloe is as sweet as an angel in her soft white coat. She causes no trouble and is really delightful. She’s not a Yorkie, she’s a Maltese.But, she has step brother, Ollie.
White maltese dog face

This is Ollie.
Yorkie mix dog facing the camera

He looks so sweet and adorable in that photo. He is sweet and he is adorable, but, he is definitely a terrier. He runs around like a crazy dog especially if there’s a horse on the televison. A horse, a dog, a cat, baseball, I guess pretty much anything on TV makes Ollie crazy.
It’s okay though, we love him anyway.

Both of these little sweeties do get pretty smelly.Both of these little sweeties are not too fond of getting a bath.
Lucky for them the great folks at Yorkie Splash and Shine sent us some samples to try. And, you can enter the raffle below to get some for yourself. But first, let’s see how the doggies liked it.

Maltese wet in the tub
Chloe getting soapy

Here they are in the tubbie. First off, the Yorkie Splash and Shine suds up really well and has a rich,soft feeling to the lather. That’s important, I find, because the better and faster it lathers means the less you need to use. Using less means less time in the tubbie for the little ones.

wet tan dog with soat
Ollie getting soapy


Normally, I use a puppy shampoo on Ollie and a whitening shampoo on Chloe but Yorkie Splash and Shine is made especially for Ollie’s hair and is safe for use on other dogs. Also, I don’t normally use a conditioner on Ollie but we have used one on Chloe.

Mostly because it’s one more step. With these great samples came a detangler. Right now, both pups have their summer hair cuts but their ears and Chloe’s tail always need detangler so this was something nice to try.

I don’t know anything about ingredients but reading that label everything looks pretty good.

Yorkie Splash and Shine

Here’s the pupsters after the blow dryer.

2 small dogs after their baath
All buffed and puffed

All in all, I love the way this shampoo worked. I will try it again and will definitely use the conditioner even though it’s an extra step. Ordinarily, after a bath Chloe’s hair feels almost like a cotton ball. It’s soft and nice but not really silky. After using this, I noticed that she was softer and silkier to the touch than usual.

Even with that, I I may not use again because the scent is too sweet for me. Yes, these little honeys are as sweet as can be but for me, personally, the scent is overpowering. But that’s me. Other folks may like it. My Dearest Darling who assisted with the bath, had no issue with the scent and he notices their smell when it’s bad before I do usually.
As for Chloe, either I didn’t wash her feet good enough or she definitely needs the whitening shampoo.
2 bottles of shampoo and conditioner
Pictured here you can see that I used very little of the shampoo and conditioner in order to bathe two small dogs. For me, that’s a win. Less soap needed saves money and saves time in the tub for the doggies.

Enter the raffle below for a chance to win the a travel size of one each of these super duper doggie products.



Good luck everyone!

Be beautiful!



This is not a sponsored post. I was given products to sample. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Did anyone know this?

I have a problem.

As problems go this one isn’t so bad. I know folks with actual serious problems. Mine, in comparison, is dumb.

Planners. I have a problem with planners. I absolutely love them. I’ve loved them since I was a young teen. I even remember my very first one. It was spiral bound and my sister got it from a cosmetic company as a gift so I co-opted it from her. (She said stole but whatever). It was beautiful. It contained watercolor pictures in lavender and pink colors and little ads for lipstick and some beauty tips. Back then I had nothing to plan but I have loved them ever since.

Even those little Hallmark calendars that are given out at the cash register were my faves and tucked inside my adolescent purse annually.

When the boys were little, a Filofax would have been a Godsend. When the boys were little money would have been a Godsend. Thus, only the tiny Hallmark calendar got frayed at the edges. Natch I had a HUGE monthly calendar  attached to the wall in the kitchen. That was important for soccer practice or fundraisers and most especially keeping track when I grounded one of them.


Now, with the laddies all moved along ( well mostly) and a blog to post to and an Etsy shoppe to run Filofax is my go to.

pink finsbury personal top

The day I discovered Filofax, I discovered something else. Did you know that there is an entire sub-culture of Filofax and planner lovers? Blogs abound. Philofaxy.com is a great place to start. Then there is the Filofax website itself (yes there is an affiliate link in my sidebaar). There are videos dedicated to setting up your planner. Hashtags such as #filofaxlove for crazy people like me to be a voyeur to other folks’ Filofaxes. Yes, we planner-nerds LOVE to see photos of other people’s planner set-ups.

Pictures and videos of planners? Ok Ok, I feel badly enough stop shaking your head like I’m cray-cray.

But now, I have discovered something else:


This is a Kikki K planner in lilac leather.

I know nothing about this company except that I love the colors and size of this planner. Now, I discovered this brand from my Instagram and Pinterest perusing. This is one awesome planner. Of course, it is now out of stock.

Why didn’t I buy it last week when I discovered it? Oh, because I told myself that I could not get it until I sold my condo.
Why do I need it? Duh? It’s gorgeous AND it’s bigger than my Filo. My Filofax is in my purse most of the time. If I had this gorgeous Kikki K it would stay on my desk.
My desk? Oh yes, I have an amazing new desk. You will have to stay tuned to see that hunk of beautiful wood.

Will I buy that Kikki K planner when it returns to stock? Do I need it? Will my condo sell? Should I buy it anyway?

Help me all of you! Give me some CommentLuv and let me know what I should do.

Until then,
Be Beautiful!



Biting the nails again! Are you kidding me?

Ya, I can’t believe it either. With all of the help I got back in May and here it is August and I fell off the wagon. Darn it!

Photo on 4-15-14 at 11.06 AM

The folks at Nailtiques were so awesome to send me a gift pack a few months ago and last night I pulled it back out and loaded up my digits with Bite-X.


This stuff REALLY works but like anything, you have to use it. How does it work? It tastes horrible that’s how. In fact, if you eat something with your hands, while it is on your fingers, the food will now taste terrible as well. A doubly good thing to keep me from eating cookies and potato chips.

Another must have in my constant battle against biting is from Jessicacosmetics.com. It is called, Nourish cuticle formula and man does this stuff work well. Again, it works only if I apply it. Jessicacosmetics.com Cuticle

This cuticle cream feels like gooey lip balm when you put it on but it rubs in very nicely and the scent it fantastic; light, sweet, a bit like baby powder.Please note that I did not refer to the scent as yummy. That would be counter productive don’t ya think?

Thanks go back to my friend Mobby (Mother of the Bride) for sending me a care package in which this cream was included.

Of course the next step is to put some type of polish on top of these stubby little things and for that I have two choices. For the first few days, to get back on track, I’m going to use Nailtiques formula 2. I know that it works really well.

Nailtiques Formula 2

Then, once I have some white showing again, I will switch back to the Jessica cosmetics nail hardener.

What makes me gnaw my nubbins so much? I have no idea. I will blame laziness. Lazy you ask? Being too lazy to put the cuticle balm and more polish on them on a regular basis.

Let’s hope I can get back into a good routine and quit this one more time. There’s not much time before the wedding.

Wait, what wedding? One of my sons just got married in May. I have three sons don’t ya know. October brings another wedding! Yay! My eldest son, let’s call him the Hono (it’s an old baby name) is wedding his beloved over Columbus day weekend.

I’ll keep you all posted. Meanwhile, please comment here on the blog with any advice you have for me. I love reading your comments.

Be Beautiful!


Product Review: NEWLY DESIGNED! Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

As you all know, I often receive products to review here. It can be a lot of fun, I like trying different things.

Today I review the Cassani Fogless Shower mirror with the most positive thoughts I can for this product.


First of all, allow me to say “Thank you” to the Cassani company for sending me this item. Next I have to say that we just completed a total renovation of the master bathroom and it is exquisite.


So, I sent this little fogless shower mirror to the summer dorms with Super Step Daughter 2 (SSD2 for short). Her summer dorm is more like a mini-apartment.
Why did I send it with her? Because the mirror itself is very thin and lightweight and does not really mesh with the new master bath.

Also, the fogless shower mirror comes with glue on clips to attach it to the inside of your shower. That just did not fly with dearest darling. Neither of us wanted a clip affixed to the tile and then the mess of cleaning it off if we decided later to make a change.

Off to the dorms it went and SSD2 reports back that yes indeed it does not fog up. Not that we ladies really need a mirror in the shower but just in case, this little fogless shower mirror works as advertised.


Can I recommend this? If you have sons who are on their own, either in a similar dorm situation or a starter apartment or home then yes go to Amazon and grab one.

If you don’t mind that this mirror is very thin and small and needs to be glued to your shower wall then definitely. If you are looking for something decorative or substantial then pass this one by.

photo 5

The packaging states that you will get a better shave by doing so in the shower. That claim I cannot confirm but I bet it would be good to see what you are doing when you shave your face.

Until next time.

Be Beautiful!







I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

In love with leather

A lot of the women and girls that I know or read glossy magazines about, love leather. Like myself we collect it, carry it, wear it, indulge in it.

Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s shoes, purses and planners made of leather. Not always leather either, canvas, straw,fabric nearly anything.  As long as it’s beautiful (sometimes useful) we drool over it and max out our cards over it.

Take this for example:


What?!?! Electric blue Michael Kors tote. On sale at Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale, plus I had a TON of Nordstrom reward dollars. Ya, I pretty much stole it. It was cheaper and a better color than one I was coveting at Marshall’s. Yay Me!Yay Nordstrom. Yay Michael Kors for having my same initials.

Oh and what is that in front of the bag in the photo? Just some cool new Etsy hair clips that are waiting for some photos. Stay tuned for those beauties to come online.

Meanwhile here’s another shot of that MK purse just to make you drool.
Ya that’s my pink Filofax Finsbury beside it on the desk;another unfortunate addiction of mine.

See you next week. Make sure you enter to win.

Hugs {{ }}


This is not a sponsored post. There affiliate links within this blog for which I may be given small compensation. All opinions are 100% my own.

sea glass Collage

Why is summer so short?

Wouldn’t you like to have summer with you all the time?

Do you love the ocean the way that I do? How about all the soft colors of sea glass?

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve been working on a bunch of new items with sea glass and nautical charms.

Plus, some great glass beaded bracelets

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Once you’re done outside having fun hop on over to Etsy and order yourself some cool new accessories.

Even better, use coupon code NEWBIE123 at checkout and receive $2.00 off your order.

Share the code with your friends! The more the merrier.

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