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3 filofaxes and a foxydori in a row

The best time of year for planner junkies!

Admit it, you love the scent of a brand new box of crayons? You know you do. You yearn for a “Trapper Keeper”, a sheaf of loose leaf paper, a pencil box.

Me too.

I walk into the door of those big office supply stores, or one of those discount department stores (Like Target, one of my affiliates) and when I see towering stacks of school supplies I get just as excited as I did as a kid.

Lucky for me I’ve got all kinds of stores nearby. I haven’t even hit them all yet. Plus, I’ve got an adorable pencil case that I picked up on my first visit to a Daiso store (squee!).

Even better, I’ve got a blue color crush planner, still in the box, that I’m planning to use for fall.

What about all of you guys? What do you like about this time of year? Do you have some special supplies you are looking to get your hands on?

color crush box IMG_2624 pencil casecolor crush fly leaf IMG_2626


Love you all!




Today a guest post from a new company: Bookroo.com

Hello,hello,hello all of my lovelies. This week we are once again talking books, except this time it’s books for children. Please note that I am am not an affiliate of this company nor did I receive any product for free. I just love books and think that children should be read to at least once a day. As you all know if you read any of these posts, I’m the mother of three sons, two of whom are English teachers. The third is a financial planner and a fellow book lover. All of them I read to every day and we listened to books on tape in the car on road trips. For these reasons, I am happy to present Jane from Bookroo.com to let you know more about her company.

Giving Books is an Art, With Some Science Thrown In

First off, a special thank you to Maureen for giving me the opportunity to guest post while she’s gone this week! To introduce myself, I’m a co-founder at Bookroo, a monthly children’s book subscription company. Basically, each month our customers get a box of individually wrapped board or picture books to add to their permanent storybook collection! We’re a family company (three brothers and their wives!) and relish the opportunity Bookroo gives us to work together. Our mission is to educate parents about the importance of reading to their children from an early age and then give them then give them the tools to make it stress-free and exciting for them and their children. It’s a fun mission to work on!


In this age of electronics, we sometimes forget the simple joy that comes from giving (especially children) something that even our great grandparents would recognize–books. This simply joy come perhaps because, in the words of Garrison Keillor, “A book is a gift you can open again and again.”


But it’s more than that as well. By giving books, you’re giving more than just an item. Books won’t break, they won’t run out of batteries, and they won’t go out of fashion. They have the potential to strengthen bonds between child and parent (or grandparent) as you take time to read together, and to improve a every facet of a child’s education. Math, vocabulary, social skills, you name it.

In order to help kids be excited about reading, and receiving books, we recommend implementing the art of book giving, which here at Bookroo, we’ve turned into a bit of a science.

Choose the books with care. This can certainly be done to varying degrees, depending on how well you know the child in question, but take a minute to think. Is the book age appropriate? Engaging? Relevant to something going on in your child’s life?

Child w book
Image courtesy of Motherhood Menagerie via Bookroo

Make it personal. Include a note with the book, either in a separate card, or even just inside the cover of the book. Tell them you love them, why you thought that they’d enjoy this book in particular, etc. My grandma often gave us books for our birthdays, and in the wrote of each one, she wrote an inscription to us. Now, when I pull out those books, I still remember which she gave to me, when, and for what occasion and it makes them that much more special now.

Presentation, presentation, presentation. We aren’t ungrateful for a present given to us in the store’s plastic bag, but think about how much more you enjoy it when it’s all wrapped up with a bow on the top. You feel as if that much more thought was put into it, which in fact, it was.

pix of kids
Image courtesy of Bookroo

Accessorize. This is a part of the art of book giving that’s definitely optional, but every once in a while it can jazz up a gifted book to great effect. Include a homemade bookmark you made, a book log for an older child, a stuffed animal that goes with the story in question, instructions for a craft that goes along, etc.–as you say here, embellish!

If this sounds labor intensive, take a deep breath, and realize that once you’ve decided you want to give the gift of books, you don’t have to do all the work by yourself. Here at Bookroo, we carefully select wonderful books, individually wrap them, write personal notes, and send them off in adorable branded boxes to children across the country every month. Choose from Board or Picture books, and away you go!

Plus, in celebration of John Newbery’s birthday we’re currently offering a Buy One, Give One Free promotion, to maximize the number of children we can reach this month to encourage summer reading! If you’re interested, read more about that here.



Book Review! Plus a free Filo insert. Woot Woot!

I’m a reader. A regular ol’ bookworm. My taste in books varies like New England weather. One week I’m enthralled by a great classic and the next week I’m devouring some “woman in peril” pot boiler I picked up at the airport. Sometimes I even get galleys to review here on the blog, which is so fun. Not to mention free.

As a voracious reader I’ve noticed that books a lot of the population calls wonderful or delightful, I tend to find them dull and poorly written. No, I’m not going to name titles or authors, no need to be Nanny Negative but suffice to say that my taste is not to the popular.

Then along came this little book, The Storied Life of AJ Fikry. This book was mentioned everywhere as such a good read that naturally, I figured I would hate it. Then, right before a cross country flight I was searching “Goodreads” (are you on there? if not you should be) for an interesting title and this little book popped up.


The reason I trust Goodreads  over other lists is because the forum is populated entirely of voracious readers like myself. So, I bought the book and started reading it from Boston to San Diego.

It’s enchanting. Although I won’t say that it grabbed me from page one, definitely by chapter 2 I was hooked. Now if you don’t like to know plots ahead of time, stop here.

The main character, AJ Fikry is a widowed book shop owner on an island off of Massachusetts. A setting naturally dear to my heart. A publisher’s representative enters his life, a lost baby and a wonderfully average gentleman who becomes both hero and book lover by book’s end.  Scattered though out are literary references that as a bibliophile I found delightful.  There’s even a CS Lewis reference that I didn’t get so if anyone knows what I’m talking about, please share.

If you are a constant reader (as Stephen King refers to us in his writing) then I suspect you will enjoy this novel. I liked it so much that I saved the second half for the flight home. ( I didn’t want it to end).  The book is not suspenseful, mysterious, overtly romantic of a difficult read. It is quite simply what is sometimes categorized as a delightful yarn.



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