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Pocket Filofax in the Retro Bloom cover

It’s Filo Friday. Here’s my Pocket Retro Bloom set up.

Hello Hello Hello all my wonderful friends. As I promised, this week is the set-up for my awesome find; Filofax Pocket Retro Bloom. Let me tell you a little story about why I bought yet another Filofax. (yes, I know we are all compulsive Filo and other planner collectors but there actually was a reason for this one joining the family.3 filofaxes and a foxydori in a row

If you recall, a few posts back, the Duck Egg Blue Patent Pocket was set up to be a password keeper to stay on my desk. It’s dandy. Having a password keeper has become more of family data keeper and having it on the desk makes it easy to use. There is only one problem with this tiny little treasure;it’s so darn cute I want to use it every single day and keep it in my purse!

Ok, that’s fine. A pocket Filo can be a great wallet but if Duckie leaves the desk, where do I put all the family data? Along comes the Foxidori. It’s all the rage, everyone has to have one. Me too. Well, lucky me I get a gorgeous Foxydori and when I ordered it, I had “Oh I need a new pocket size to keep on the desk so Duckie can join the purse. Fast forward, Foxidori arrives and I think, “Oh no, I now have to re-write, by had, all of the use names and passwords that are already written in Duckie.” Hmmmm. Color me perplexed at that point.

Now, Like most, if not all, of you, I peruse ol’ eBay every now and again (daily, who are we kidding) to see what sort of Filo treasures we may find. Ah ha! There she was, Retro bloom pocket for cheeeeeeap money. Yes, snagged it. All the while thinking, yay, Duckie joins the purse, this flowery guy will stay on the desk, all inserts transfer, bad bing, bada boom.

Then the package arrives. She is gorgeous! Really, nice quality leather with adorable flowers. She is in brand new condition with 2014 inserts and the plastic still on. Oh no! I’ve named her Francine, Frannie for short. She’s small and adorable and yes, I do love Duckie but he will remain steadfast as the guardian of all things secret and remain at his post. Frannie is hitting the town with me inside my purse.

Here’s a little set up video and we all know what a klutz I am with making videos (see here but I’m just not a quitter. So, I made another one starring Frannie. Take a peek…

Not as bad as the last one right? I thought so.
If you are curious about the Rapesco Punch or the Fiskars Cutter that I used you can find them and similar items here (yes, that’s an affiliate link and if you buy from there I will get a teensy commission. Not even enough to get another Filo so don’t worry I’m not getting rich)

If you are interested in the insert pages,then those are available in my Etsy shop Planner Passion as printable downloads. That way you can use any paper you want and if you don’t like some of the silly phrases I chose, you don’t have to print them. See, I’m always thinking of you folks.

There it is. Our Filo Friday round up. Next week, is another week in the Hobonichi. It would be great to see you here again and even better to see you on FaceBook (I’m HappilyEmbellished-An Etsy Shoppe) and Instagram (@handmadehappily) AND please leave comments below. The comments section is another fun place we can chat about our lovely Filos.

Be Beautiful!


a beach drawing in colored pencil on a page in a hobonici techo

Friday- Filos and More!

Hello Hello Hello all my friends.
Wow has it been busy around here lately. There have been name changes, planner changes and planners filled in! It’s great. Taking care of business is so much easier if one plans, am I right?

How about you? How has your week been? Have you gotten your hands on any cool planners or planning tools lately?
How do you all start your day?Two planners and an iPhone stacked on a table This is what I need to start my day. Well, those and a cup or three of tea.
My large kikkiK time planner is chock full of plans for this here blog and my three Etsy shops (more on them later).

lilac and gold kikkiK large time planner open to a custom week on two pages insert

In the kikkiK, I had been using a lovely week on one page set up but decided that I worked better with more space so I created a streamlined week on two pages insert for myself.



The yellow is my Hobonichi Techo which I carry around as a personal planner/journal. hobonichi techo with a yellow cover and a clear cover on cover That one, I just changed the cover on cover. I’m completely in love with the look now. If you remember I waxed poetic about my little Hobo here. I had the white tree cover on cover all winter and now it is spring!

Of course, the other thing on the top of that pile is my phone. It looks like a tiny watercolor kit, but it’s not. Such an adorable case. If only I could find an actual watercolor kit that small to carry around with me for when I want to paint in my Hobonichi. watercolor paintings of a red cardinalAs you can see, I need all the practice I can get! HAHAHA!

There are so many fun planner groups on Facebook. I’ve joined so many I can’t even keep up. Recently, I shared a photo of the new member of the family:Pocket Filofax in the Retro Bloom cover Next Friday, I will share the set up of this little pocket full of fun. Wait until you see the dividers I’m making for her. She is a her, don’t you think?

Oh, and the name changes I mentioned at the top? My planner related Etsy shop has been renamed Planner Passion. I renamed it because I not only have downloadable inserts, I have added laminated inserts that you can write on and wipe off. Plus, thesesmall brown cards to use for sttoring Washiwashi tape sample cards will be available there today. How fun are they? Do you have a planner buddy that you need to send washi samples to? Do you need a way to store your favorites within your planner? Ya baby, (Austin Powers voice) these little cards will do it. Plus, that streamline week on two pages I mentioned? Available there

Now it’s your turn. What planner groups do you belong to? Are you on Instagram? Have you recently received a new planner that you can’t wait to decorate? Tell us, in the comments. It’s awful to be talking to myself. I want to hear from you!

Until next Friday,be beautiful.


foxy dori 5

Filo Friday! It has been a while, right?

Hello hello hello all my lovelies! You are the best do you know that? Well, you are.

Spring is finally springing here and this ridiculous cough/cold that I’ve been struggling with seems to be leaving the building. But, most of all, I have created my very first ever planner video.

Yes it’s here and yes, it is really terrible. Since it was an unboxing, there was no chance for a do over. But don’t worry, it’s only a couple minutes of your life that you will never get back.
What could this wonderful video be about you are asking your self?

After seeing all the talk about Midori travelers notebooks and their friends I went ahead and ordered a “Foxy Dori”. Well I love it. But naturally, since I do everything in an all fired hurry, I ordered the wrong size. Face Palm. Groan.

If you watch the video, you will see that I chose the bay leather with a turquoise band and a heart charm. I also had a sweet little daisy type flower stamped on the leather. It’s gorgeous and the leather is yum yum yummy.

Now, I use Moleskine cahier notebooks all of the time. They are the perfect little journals and brain dump books I have ever found. So, naturally, I figured putting them inside an exquisite leather wrapping would be perfect. Ya, it would have been perfect if I’d ordered the right size. Again, duh to me.

It will be simple to add some of the smaller Moleskines to my Foxy Dori and I will but more likely, I’ll order another one in right size. Maybe a colorful one or darker leather. What do you think?
Do any of you use a traveler’s notebook? Have you tried any of the faux doris out there? Have you made your own?

I’d love to hear what all of you think of this style of journaling.

Be beautiful,