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A little Hobonichi hack

Hello hello hello!

It’s another amazing week for planning and plannernerds and I’m really excited to share a little hack for my (and possibly your) Hobonichi Techo.  Yes, yes, I gush about it all the time, but this little book is my favorite.

Next week, I will share with you ALL of my planners and how I use them but for now,here’s my daily go to.

My little Hobo:Hobonichi Techo American version size A6

My little Hobo Hobonichi Techo American version size A6

Here it is, as I posted here it comes as it, black cover with Japanese characters stamped in gold.

Open pages of the Hobonichi Techo

If you look at the pages you can see this planner is the Day Per Page format. The page edges are numbered by month but not tabbed. In order to flip ahead to dates in advance there’s a bit of “thumbing” that one has to do to get there.

Hobonichi Techo with marigold cover and tree cover on cover

Hobonichi Techo with marigold cover and tree cover on cover

As you can see, once I got my Hobo (as I call him) set up with the cover; it comes with page markers. Cool, but still not enough to help me jump ahead.

That’s when my brain started looking for a way to make tabs.

semikolon tabs 2 I bought these tabs from Amazon awhile back to use in one of my ring bound Filos.

A lot come in the package so I have plenty to play with. The bonus is that these tabs already have a nice adhesive coating on the bottom. Which is one reason why I chose to use these rather than just any old card stock.


semikolon tabs




Taking a pair of scissors I trimmed the top from the little cardboar tabs.cut tabs w scissors

Next, I folded the remaining part of the tab around the month number on the first page of the month. 1 tab hobo

If you are careful, you can align them perfectly and then you can write the number on the tab and your Hobo will look something like this.Tabs in Hobo Mine, are not aligned perfectly. Since I was trying this out to see if it worked, I didn’t use the colors in a particularly pretty fashion. However, it’s pretty easy to remove the tabs and change it to any color scheme you want.  Which is something I would really like to tackle next, now that I’ve got a good idea of how I want it to look.

What about you? What is your go to planner? Do you use more than one? Are you a Hobonichi Techo user? Do you use it as a planner or a journal or both? Do you belong to any planner groups? Facebook planner groups? I belong to too many. Maybe I will see you over there. Leave a comment here so we can “meet up” in cyberspace. I love seeing planner pictures.


Be beautiful!


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